Best Barbecue Peoria IL
Smoked chicken and Southern sides, some of the best barbecue in Peoria IL

Where Can You Taste the Best Barbecue in Peoria IL?

If you’re something of a smoked-meat enthusiast, finding the best barbecue is your mission! However, with “BBQ cities” like Houston and Kansas City, where the best BBQ is made, is it possible to find comparable barbecue in Central Illinois? Don’t worry, you’re in luck! Smokin’ Notes BBQ is home to the best barbecue in Peoria IL, no competition! If you crave savory, smokey, flavorful meat served with the best comfort foods and conveniently located by the River City, stop by Smokin’ Notes today.

Why Choose Smokin’ Notes BBQ?

It’s not only about the quality of meat; it’s the way it’s prepared, what’s served with it, and the sauce used. Even the atmosphere of a restaurant contributes to your enjoyment of barbecue! Thankfully, Smokin’ Notes gets everything right, as we’ve become masters of smoked meats. Central Illinois customers continue to dine with Smokin’ Notes thanks to our:

  • Competition Style Smoked BBQ
    • There’s plenty of love that goes into preparing our smoked meats. It starts by selecting the freshest cuts of pork and beef. We place this meat in our smokers for 12 hours, giving it a pink tinge called a “smoke-ring,” which any authentic barbecue ought to have. When smothered or served with our signature BBQ sauce, our entrees capture the flavor and quality of barbecue you might find in Texas, Kansas or the Carolinas.
  • Traditional Southern Sides
    • If BBQ isn’t enough, Smokin’ Note’s homemade side dishes will delight your senses! We specialize in Southern-style dishes, with recipes that beat even your grandma’s cooking. Diners can choose from either our main or specialty sides, which pair perfectly with our selection of A La Carte entrees, dinner combos and sandwiches. Our selection of sides includes Annie’s Beans, Baked Beans, Fried Okra, Candied Yams, Mac & Cheese, and more.
  • Delightful Atmosphere
    • A great dinner can be made even better alongside close friends and family in a comfortable and inviting setting. At Smokin’ Notes BBQ, our guests enjoy the smokey smell of BBQ wafting through our store, with fun music and blues décor adorning our walls. Either as a dinner event or on your lunch break, our restaurant’s atmosphere gives you a chance to unwind, relax and feel at home.

Peoria’s Go-To BBQ Place

Since before 2018, Smokin’ Notes BBQ has become well known throughout the Greater Peoria area for its excellence in barbecue. Unfortunately, various hardships required us to close our doors in 2018. However, owners Nick and Anthony Riley were busy perfecting their meat-smoking skills while we were away. It wasn’t until 2022 when we reentered the Peoria BBQ scene, and the area’s barbecue lovers couldn’t be happier! Whether you prefer to dine in, wish to take it home, or like to order delivery, Smokin’ Note’s exceptional barbecue is always available. Or, you can make any event or party the talk of the town when it’s catered by Smokin’ Notes!

A plate of pulled pork, some of the Best Barbecue in Peoria IL

Try Our Smoked-Meats Today!

There are few things better than the best barbecue in Peoria IL. If it’s expertly-smoked meat, exceptionally prepared Southern dishes, and drinks and appetizers you’re after, look no further than Smokin’ Notes BBQ! To learn more about our food offerings, hours of operation, or catering services, contact us today at 309-713-1772. Smokin’ Note’s BBQ is located at 400 Riverside Dr, East Peoria, IL 61611.