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Smoked meats, southern sides, and more delicious meats prepared for catering near you by Smokin' Notes BBQ

Make Your Next Event Special with Smokin’ Notes BBQ Catering Near You!

The best barbecue in the Midwest is served up at Smokin’ Notes BBQ! With delicious smoked meat dishes and an array of traditional Southern sides, it’s no wonder why Smokin’ Notes is the highest-rated local BBQ place in Peoria. Best of all, Smokin’ Notes BBQ is now offering its barbecue favorites as part of our new Family Platters and Catering Menu. Enjoy Smokin’ Notes BBQ anywhere, anytime, and at any event! If you are interested in our catering near you, call today.

Why Try Our BBQ Catering?

In Peoria, while there are plenty of options for dining and catering near you, few compare to the uniqueness of Smokin’ Notes BBQ. We strive to provide the most options for our clients, creating a full catering menu that’s sure to please every flavor pallet in your family or group. When ordering catering from Smokin’ Notes, you can look forward to:

  • Affordability & Convenience – Not only is preparing large amounts of food a time-consuming process, but it can be pretty expensive if doing so yourself! That’s why ordering catering is so beneficial; you don’t have to pay extra for cooking utensils and ingredients and have time to prepare while Smokin’ Notes cooks your food. Smokin’ Notes’ catering’s convenience and affordability make it the obvious choice when making dinner arrangements for your next event.
  • Something Different – Tired of the same cold-cut sandwiches, limited entrees, and bland side dishes that come with so many “easy” catering options throughout Peoria? Why not try something different for a change? Smokin’ Notes’ barbecue captures the flavors of Kansas, the Carolinas, and Texas barbecue, creating a unique flavor unlike anything you can get anywhere else. Plus, our competition-style smoking and signature BBQ sauce give our dishes that extra “oomph!”
  • Plenty of Options – There’s no shortage of expertly smoked meats and deliciously prepared sides to choose from when ordering Smokin’ Notes catering. We strive to give customers the most options for catering so no one at your event, or get-together goes home feeling hungry or unsatisfied. Pick and match entrees of pulled pork, brisket, ribs and rib tips with Southern favorites like collard greens, candied yams, coleslaw, green beans and more.

About Smokin’ Notes

Nick and Anthony Riley, co-owners of Smokin’ Notes BBQ, are masters of their craft. They’ve spent years perfecting and refining their meat smoking technique, cooking exceptional barbecue that rivals BBQ hotspots like Austin, TX or Kansas City, MO. Since returning to East Peoria and from our hiatus in 2018, we’ve quickly become the preferred lunch and dinner destination for hungry workers, happy families, and BBQ enthusiasts across Central Illinois.

Piles of smoked meats, breads and sides, served by Smokin' Notes BBQ and their Catering Near You

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If you are looking for the best options for catering near you, don’t forget about Smokin’ Notes BBQ and our selection of incredible smoked meats and Southern side dishes. Or, for questions about our food, hours of operation, prices and more, check out our website or call directly at 309-713-1772. Smokin Note’s BBQ is located at 400 Riverside Dr, East Peoria, IL 61611.